Consolidate the Valley of the Volcanoes as an international tourist destination, integrating it to the southern Peru tourist corridor. Promote sustainable tourism in the Valley of the Volcanoes. Establish alliances with the Destination Management Organization of Arequipa and/or other associations or entities in the country or abroad, created to foster, promote, integrate and consolidate the southern Peru tourist corridor and which may have common aims. Enter into agreements or strategic alliances with local, regional and national governments with regard to development policies and programs for the implementation and promotion of tourism in the Valley of the Volcanoes and in the southern Peru tourist corridor. Pursue greater participation among the low-income population living in the Valley of the Volcanoes, through agreements, training, guidance, etc. Raise awareness among young people, authorities and specific groups of the population with regard to the convenience of guiding tourism towards becoming an economic development activity that will improve living conditions among locals through the provision of better services for tourists. Obtain funding from national and international technical cooperation for the development of their projects. Contribute to preserving the environment and the biodiversity through the development of ecotourism and by fostering an environmental culture, to which end recognition as a legally protected zone must be obtained. Foster protection of the local tourist attractions and develop new potentially marketable products. Others that the general meeting and management board may determine.


Se aplica la estrategia de Organización de Gestión de Destino (OGD). Seek effective participation and contribution from local inhabitants, communities, authorities, entrepreneurs, NGOs, etc. It is self-funded.


Any individuals or legal entities, Peruvian or foreign, who due to their leading role and/or their specialization may contribute to promoting tourism development in the Valley of the Volcanoes may form part of the DMO. In order to join, they must be invited by the management board, after which they will be entered in the members’ registry, duly authenticated and permanently updated.


Evaluation of resources and of tourism development possibilities. Training and raising of awareness in sustainable tourism among authorities, and of the local destination management organization and the population in general, in tourism, especially for children. Information, signage and implementation of basic infrastructure. Regulations of local authorities. Development of tourist offer by specialized segments. Promotion of investments and strategic alliances for:
• Hotel and restaurant infrastructure.
• Tourist services.
• Input supplies.
• Supporting services.


The Valley of the Volcanoes is a National Park, recognized as world heritage site, well implemented with signage, interpretation centers, on-site museum and tourist services. Tour guides, operators, hotels, lodges, campsites, restaurants and tourist transportation staff are duly trained, authorized and undergo quality control. There are tourist loads limits and control , with strictly protected areas , restricted areas and other areas designated for agriculture, livestock, mining, craftwork, popular art, etc. There is respect for the environment, the landscape, the natural and cultural resources such as local traditions and customs. The local inhabitants benefit from tourism directly or indirectly, as an activity complementary to their usual occupation and there is fair marketing of tourist services. The local inhabitants guarantee the safety of visitors.
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